About Us

OrthoFlow was made and is managed by four doctors who think it should be easier to access good decision making in medicine.

Mr James Widnall is a trauma & orthopaedic specialty registrar from Newcastle, England. As a medical student and junior doctor, James identified that most decision making in medicine can be made into decision ‘flows’ that lead to a diagnosis and management plan. OrthoFlow was born out of a discussion with Dr McCreary in 2002 and has been developed ever since. He has a special interest in foot & ankle surgery. Outside of work, James is a keen rugby player and enjoys walking in the Lakes and Peak District.

Dr David McCreary is an emergency medicine specialty registrar from Belfast, Northern Ireland. In the emergency department, he identified that many clinicians struggle with orthopaedic decision making due to lack of experience. He has a special interest in pre-hospital medicine and in the free open access medicine (FOAM) movement and is studying for a masters in trauma care. Outside of work, David is a 3rd Dan black belt in Ju Jitsu and is our code writing wizard, responsible for making ideas into a functional app!

Dr Catherine McCauley is a general practitioner from County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. In general practice, many clinicians have spent little or no time working in orthopaedic surgery yet musculoskeletal medicine forms a huge part of the workload. Cat is currently working on the creating of OrthoFlow Primary, which we hope to release soon. Outside of work, Cat is a keen netball player and is our resident artist, creating unique and bespoke illustrations for the MediFlow apps.

Mr Nick Peterson is a trauma & orthopaedic specialty registrar from Liverpool, England. Nick is interested in education and enjoys teaching, but realises that it is difficult for clinicians who rotate through orthopaedics for a few months as they face a steep learning curve in an unfamiliar specialty.  Nick has a special interest in limb reconstruction, paediatric orthopaedic surgery and education. Outside of work, Nick enjoys music, films, hillwalking and socialising with friends and family.

If you have any questions for the OrthoFlow team or suggestions for future MediFlow apps please email us at support@orthoflow.org